Alphabetical, Unintentional, URL Acrostic

The great and powerful Margot Bloomstein wrote a thought-provoking article on what I like to call “anecdata.” Anecdotes, which too many people confuse with data. She concluded her article with a “personal acrostic,” which in turn was inspired by Josh Silverman’s post. It’s most interesting as it’s an unintentional URL acrostic.

Ever one to jump on board a (valuable, interesting, and fun) train, I present you with my personal acrostic. The URLs that autocomplete when I type each letter of the alphabet into my browser.

My Unintentional URL Acrostic

A few surprises I noticed: I had no idea I had been visiting the Confab website so frequently. I also had no idea I spent so much time reading web comics!

A is for Amazon. No surprise there!

B is for Basecamp. Although I have mixed feelings about Basecamp, many of my clients use it.

C is for Confab Events (No shock there!)

D is for Google Docs

E is for Wikipedia

F is for Foodler. If you live in the Boston area, this is the best place for all sort of delivery. It’s the Grubhub of Boston.

G is for Gmail.

H is for Hyperbole and a Half, a fantastic web comic (if you have my bizarre sense of humor).

I is for imdb.

J is for It’s a really simple (free!) screensharing tool. I’ve found it very valuable for smaller clients and less tech-savvy clients.

K is for Kayak. No surprise there!

L is for Lavacon, where I’ll be speaking on Content Strategy and storytelling, come October.

M is for

N is for, coming to Massachusetts in just one month!

O is for Open Table.

P is for PBnGames, my newest venture into creating educational games.

Q is for Questionable Content, my guilty pleasure webcomic. I’m surprised it came up first, but then again, how many URLs begin with Q? Good work on choosing a comic name, Jeph!

R is for REI, where I buy the vast majority of my wardrobe.

S is for Salesforce. This one is thanks for a client.

T is for Todoist, the best To Do list application I’ve ever found.

U is for UX Booth. If you’re not reading UX Booth, start now!

V is for Google Voice.

W is for

X is for xkcd. Oof. I spend more time reading webcomics than I realized.

Y is for YouTube.

Z is for Which reminds me, if anyone has a spare million dollars lying around, I’d like to buy a house!

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